Personal and Professional Development Programs

Pete delivers world class education and implementation programs for self-improvement, personal and professional growth. He guides others with the belief that to create significance, "It Starts with You."



Higher performance through focused clarity, unwavering confidence, and advanced competence

Master the way you think. Commit to what you value most. Win the mental battles that rage inside us all. Many people desire to change their results by simply changing their behavior. While this may produce a short-term victory, it often ends with a return to bad habits, broken commitments, deeper frustration and, ultimately, despair. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Joining the Expect to Win program, you receive live, weekly training and coaching as I address the very things that impact our lives the most: who we are, the stories we tell, the commitments we make, the conversations we engage in, the responsibilities we uphold, and the way we influence everything around us. The Expect to Win program will inspire, encourage and challenge you, while exploring the way you think, the things you do, and the results you create. It will absolutely IMPACT your life… guaranteed!